Kids Who Love Dance Can Join Kids Ballet Singapore

As a dancer, I have seen and done many things. I’ve been on the stage dancing before an audience, wearing pretty clothes, and doing the one thing I love the most. This isn’t the case for many kids. Often, they love to dance but have no real training options or they are pushed beyond their abilities, which will make it more of a chore than something fun. I want every kid to know that if they love to dance, they can join kids ballet Singapore. It is here that they will be challenged in a way that keeps the fun.
Our Core Lesson Plans
In our dance classes, we adhere to the strict guidelines that have been set by the National Training Curriculum (NTC). This allows us to create an environment where students are pushed just hard enough to reach their full potential in the safest and fun way possible. Each of our students will be taught first the importance of coordination, body alignment, and other things that will keep them safe while enabling them to reach their next skill level in dance.

Some of our core exercises will be simply doing the things that kids love doing. This may include skipping around, playing, and learning poses. They will be taught the importance of keeping good form by ensuring that they stand up straight. We love watching our dancers blossom as they train without really feeling as though they are “learning” to dance.
Achieving Ballet Mastery
During a dance class year, your child will have the opportunity to take part in a dance recital. This will be choreographed and specifically designed for their skill level. Young children may dance alongside those more skilled, but they will still be noticed for their own unique abilities at the level they are at.
This recital isn’t a contest to see who is best, but a confidence booster that proves that each child is doing their best. Their awards and acknowledgments will further give them the boost that all kids need when trying to reach the next level.
Getting Started
If you have a child who is aged 3-16 who loves dance and wants to learn more about it, we are here. Contact us to learn more about kids ballet Singapore. We will tell you about our program and perhaps give you the opportunity to come in, with your child, to sit in on a class to see how our kids work and play together in dance.

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